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The Sweet July Box is centered around building healthy habits and routines. The products inside were hand-selected by the Sweet July team to help you cultivate practices and rituals that will lead you to your healthiest, happiest life! The best way to build new habits is to do a little more each day, and this box will help you do just that.

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Image of a woman using hair serum. Image of Inala product in bottle with the crown polisher in the background.

Power Potion + Crown Polisher

This Power Potion will be your new holy-grail leave-in hair product. Created by LaLa Anthony, it’s formulated with Rice Water, Biotin and Arginine to strengthen your locks and promote growth. Simply apply a few drops of the power potion once a day directly to the scalp, focusing on thinning areas, and watch over time as “best hair days” become a daily thing!

The Crown Polisher also happens to be one of our new favorite self-care tools. It works to exfoliate the scalp and reducing flakiness. Apply just a few drops of your potion to your scalp and massage into your head with the polisher. While you do, you’ll feel stress and tension diffuse.

Woman smiling with multivitamins. Woman pouring Daily Love multivitamins in hand.

Daily Love Multivitamin

Love Wellness was born out of founder Lo Bosworth’s own experience dealing with severe vitamin deficiencies and the feeling that something was missing from products on the market. Now, Love Wellness creates natural solutions for natural problems experienced by all women. This daily multivitamin was designed by leading experts in the field and is made with 25+ full spectrum vitamins and minerals that will address your body’s baseline needs, while also including nutraceutical ingredients that help support immunity, lower stress, and promote sexual wellness.

Image of a gold bracelet in a dish on a table. Image of a woman wearing a gold bracelet and smiling.

Bella Bracelet

We love collecting jewelry that can be paired with every outfit. We designed this exclusive Bella bracelet in partnership with BYCHARI to add to your collection. It is only available to our box members! Layer it with your favorite bracelets or start a new stack. Whichever way you choose to wear it, this unique, timeless piece will make you feel effortlessly elegant.

Image of cooling stones in a wine glass on a stone coaster. Image of a woman smiling while holding a wine glass outsite.

Beverage Cooling Stones
+ Coasters (Set of 2)

Sick of watering down wine or coffee with ice? We’ve got you covered. This set of coasters and cooling stones is made from granite, which has a natural cooling effect on beverages. Pop these into the freezer for extra chill (give them at least 30 mins!), and then pair them with your favorite drink and sip at your own pace!

Woman smiling while drinking a coffee beverage in a glass tumbler. Two hands holding glass tumblers with lemon and lime drinks inside.

Glass Tumbler

Elevate your morning coffee routine with this gorgeous Sweet July tumbler created exclusively for our box members. It’s perfect for your favorite iced coffee or tea. You can pop the beverage cooling stones in and be out the door, ready to take on the day! This cup also fits perfectly inside the cooling coasters that come inside the box.

coffee pack on table, woman pouring hot water into instant coffee pack

House Blend
Steeped Coffee Pack

Love our Sweet July House Blend Coffee? We’ve made it easier to enjoy with our new collaboration with Steeped Coffee. Single-serve coffee is having a major moment right now, and we’re here for it. No equipment required—all you need is water to steep a delicious hot or iced coffee with the same quality as a traditionally brewed cup. Brew a cup in your Sweet July Glass Tumbler, add your new chilling stones and your favorite mix-ins, and enjoy an iced coffee on the go!

Image of a woman in bed writing in a colorful book. Image of a woman in bed holding a gold pen and writing in a book.

52 Lists for Bravery

This guided journal will help you unlock your inner warrior. Through the empowering practice of list making, you can explore your vulnerabilities, celebrate your victories, and glean insight into how you can best show up for yourself every day.

 The 52 prompts in this book will implore you to think about the dreams you have, the fears you hold onto, and the relationships that mean the most. The book was written with the ultimate goal of empowering you on your own path to finding everyday bravery.

Woman holding three packs of Gowipes and smiling. Image of a woman wiping an apple with Gowipes.

Wander, Face Lift, and
Fruit + Veggie Wipe Trio

Staying fresh and healthy on the go just got a whole lot easier. GoWipe is changing the game with these organic, biodegradable, and compostable bamboo wipes. With a wipe pack for every possible need, GoWipe is committed to making sure their customers have the option to stay fresh and healthy no matter where they are.